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5 Minute Disk I/O in KB

THIS IS LEGACY I HAVE REPLACED IT. I am leaving this up for archival purposes as it does still work just not as accurately as I would like.
OS: CentOS 5.4
Arch : x86_64
Version : 0.1a
Required Packages : netsnmpd, sysstat
snmpd conf addition:
exec . SARDISKIO /usr/bin/mrtg_diskio
Client Script Used:
#V 0.1b MisterX Dec 9th 2009
# Replace md0-md3 with the drives you want to watch
#OUTPUT example for first Drive :
# tps
# kB_read/s
# kB_wrtn/s
# kB_read
# kB_wrtn
# and so on for each additional Drive. A snmpwalk -v2c -On -c $community $host will show
#you the full list for all drives.
for d in md0 md1 md2 md3; do

/usr/bin/iostat -dk | grep $d | awk '{print $2}';
/usr/bin/iostat -dk | grep $d | awk '{print $3}';
/usr/bin/iostat -dk | grep $d | awk '{print $4}';
/usr/bin/iostat -dk | grep $d | awk '{print $5}';
/usr/bin/iostat -dk | grep $d | awk '{print $6}';


MRTG Code :

Title[$server_name-disk]:  Disk $drive 5 min Average I/O Utilization
MaxBytes[$server_name-disk]: 10240000000000000
PageTop[$server_name-disk]: <H1>5 min Avg. I/O Utilization Report</H1>
kmg[$server_name-disk]: KB,MB,GB
LegendI[$server_name-disk]: 5 min Avg. I/O KBread
LegendO[$server_name-disk]: 5 min Avg. I/O KBwrite
Legend1[$server_name-disk]: 5 min Avg. I/O KBread
Legend2[$server_name-disk]: 5 min Avg. I/O KBwrite
YLegend[$server_name-disk]: Kilobytes
ShortLegend[$server_name-disk]: &
Options[$server_name-disk]: growright,nopercent

This is just a average to get a overview and will never replace good administration.
Its only to track trends and general issues but if you use MRTG you probably have other tools you use and already know this ;)