Apache achieves Leet-ness

Was troubleshooting a coding issue for a customer the other day when I noticed the number of requests currently being processed. I am going to write about this in the coming days. Basically there was a code issue (we do not support code for this customer) that caused a large number of “sleep” states in MySQL as well as a huge number of ‘W Sending Reply’ states in Apache.

Current Time: Thursday, 11-Feb-2010 11:47:54 CST
Restart Time: Thursday, 11-Feb-2010 09:17:12 CST
Parent Server Generation: 0
Server uptime: 2 hours 30 minutes 41 seconds
Total accesses: 226733 – Total Traffic: 10.8 GB
CPU Usage: u1812.56 s80.08 cu.04 cs0 – 20.9% CPU load
25.1 requests/sec – 1.2 MB/second – 49.8 kB/request
1337 requests currently being processed, 113 idle workers

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