Atoms vs GlusterFS (and why I like MSI-X)

Well I am in the process of testing clusterFS solutions for work and figured it would also be a great chance to put our Atom product (SuperMicro’s 5015A-H) through the paces. During the testing phase, as seen here, I found that tests would need more horsepower to really be worthwhile.

I did find out that the Atoms can do about 36MBs a second using Replicated GlusterFS with caching tweaks before the processor max out. On my newer MSI-X systems the Ethernet load would have been pushed around several (or all) cores but since the Atoms only have MSI capabilities on their NICs I watched as one CPU pegged and other other one sat back and drank a Mojito. I was almost tempted into firing up a few high CPU tasks and using ole taskset to make the other CPU suffer but I refrained.

I will be updating once I can get a more powerful test setup going.

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