RHEL 6 Beta ..I finally am finding the time!

[root@localhost ~]# cat /etc/redhat-release
Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 6.0 Beta (Santiago)


Update: Appears the project iotop that I have been eyeing for sometime is now a option in the standard install. This is very nice I hope they choose some of the other system tools (like updated dstat, atop, and htop) to add as well.

Update: Ran a ps finally (I know I am slow getting to these kind of important things these days) and I noticed sendmail is gone ! Oh my now thats a change for the better. After 12 years of living with it as the default mailer I am excited to get to know postfix ! I have run it before in the past but 12 years running Qmail doesnt leave one much time to play around with other mailers. I am not biased I think the top two MTAs are Qmail and Postfix so I cant complain about the choice.


  1. Dag Wieers says:

    Dstat is already inside RHEL5, albeit an older, less capable version :-/

  2. MisterX says:

    Greetings Dag ! As always your work for the community is MUCH appreciated by this sysadmin!

    I have not been using the default dstat inside RHEL as the RPMForge version has always better maintained. My note in the post about a “Updated dstat” in RHEL was a semi-silent plea for the RH folks to get dstat moved into the modern era!

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